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Honda Jazz (GE8) : The Parents Hobby

Honda Civic (EK4) : Japanese Legendary

Honda Civic Type R (EK9) : The Perfect One

Honda Civic (EG4) : The Black Stealth Missile

Toyota Celica Liftback (TA40) : Ressurection Of The Legend

Mitsubishi Lancer (CK4) : Street Performance Minded

Mitsubishi Lancer (CK4) : Spirit of Naturally Aspirated

BMW 320i (E90) : German Oriented

Mitsubishi Lancer GTi (CB5) : Quickest Pisang Ijo From Makassar

Honda Civic Nouva Powered By Civic Type R FD2R’s Engine

Toyota Starlet XL 1.0 (EP70) : Dreams Came True

Toyota Starlet 1.3 SE-G (EP81) : The Nineties Passion

Honda Jazz RS (GE8) : From Two-Wheel To Four-Wheel

Honda Brio S (DD1) : Eleganity Without Limit

Datsun Go Panca : National Unity For All

Honda Civic Estilo (SR3) : Passion And Function

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